Mr. Pathomwat Chowsuvan

Experiences Since 2018


  • Conduct Training DCS (CENTUM VP Operation Course).
  • Conduct Training DCS (CENTUM VP Engineering Course).
  • Conduct Training DCS (CENTUM VP Maintenance Course).
  • On Job Training DCS Project ( IRPC, SAN 1, SAN2, SAN3 and ABS).
  • DCS for Operation Training class for Engineering Student: KMUTT, Chulalongkorn University.

Consolidated Alarm Management System: CAMS for HIS

  • Conduct CAMS for HIS (Consolidated Alarm Management System) for Operation course.

Exaquantum : PIMs

  • Conduct Exaquantum Administrator course.
  • Conduct Exaquantum User course.


  • Conduct Exapilot User course.

Plant Model: 

  • Execute Software and Create Lap sheet of Plant Model for Myanmar.


  • Generate E-learning for CENTUM VP Operation Course.
  • Generate E-learning for CENTUM VP Maintenance Course.